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How to Choose Quality Liquid for Vape

In order to better understand how to choose a quality juice for electronic cigarettes, you need to know their composition first. Any liquid consists of the following components:

In turn, the nicotine base can be of several types:

  • Usual (6 parts of propylene glycol and 4 parts of glycerin). This liquid gives off an average amount of steam and has a pleasant taste. Also it has a good indicator of TH (so-called  “throat hit” which highly contribute the feeling of satisfaction received from electronic cigarettes).
  • Velvet Cloud should be chosen in case you have an individual intolerance to propylene glycol. This is a light solution of nicotine on distilled water and glycerin, which, when used, emits a lot of steam. It has a weak TH and a poorly expressed taste.
  • Ice Blade is a liquid for electronic cigarettes based on propylene glycol and distilled water with the strongest TX and sharp taste.

If you are not allergic to propylene glycol, it is better to choose a small bottle of a conventional substance with the appropriate concentration.


As for the taste, everything depends on personal preferences. In general, all tastes and flavors can be divided into three categories:

  • tobacco;
  • fruit and berries (cherry, apple, peach);
  • all the rest (coffee, chocolate, etc.).

The greatest demand is for tobacco. Fruit fans choose hookah, and coffee or chocolate are often bought as an experiment. Keep in mind that liquids with the same name from different companies can differ significantly, and similar flavors will be very difficult to determine. If you want, you can even experiment by mixing different variants with each other, but the advice is to choose juice from proven producers.

Expert’s Advice

To choose a quality liquid for electronic cigarettes, you need to take into account a number of parameters:

  • If you are not allergic to any component, and you prefer moderate taste and concentration, buy a composition with a mark “traditional” or “normal” (60% propylene glycol and 40% glycerol) – there is more guarantee in quality for standard and simpler products.
  • Choose brands from well-known manufacturers, or “craft fluids” i. e. created by small but reputable companies. In such products, each flavour in the brand line is carefully developed, and juice is produced under the accepted norms and standards.
  • Buy only in on-line/offline shops with positive clients’ feedbacks.

More expensive does not mean obligatory better. Sometimes a small local offline shop can produce the best liquid that suits you personally. On the other hand, some brands indeed gain their reputation due to quality of their products.

The Most Popular Vape Models

The production of electronic cigarettes is developing every day, surprising its consumers with new features. Usually manufacturers equip the most cutting edge samples with the maximum functionality.

Here some the most popular items:

Eleaf iJust S

This device is very convenient and easy to use. It can produce a large amount of thick steam and is not pricy. You do not need extra details: just refill it and you can immediately vape it. Despite the small size, it does not completely hide in the palm of your hand. Due to this it is not suitable for unobtrusive steaming. The body of the device is made of stainless steel, and the atomizer is made of borosilicate glass. The huge advantage of this model is the built-in battery with a large capacity, praised by vapers.

Joyetech eVic Primo TC 200W

This starter kit has a lot of positive feedback. And if you need high-quality, fairly compact and stylish device, which is also equipped with interesting features, take a look at this option.

This is an updated stylish box with increased battery power and a lot of functions, which include various modes, displaying the current time, the powerbank mode for charging via USB. The device has a non-standard shape, so it is convenient to hold, and increased power does not affect the dimensions of eVic Primo, which are 84 x 53.4 x 26.4 mm. The case is made of zinc alloy and is available in different color variations.

Sigelei Fuchai 213 Plus

This modern and functional device is suitable for both experienced and newbie vapers, due to the availability of various temperature settings. The device is very comfortable and perfectly fits in the palm of your hand, this is facilitated by a lightweight body made of aluminum alloy.

The main feature of this electronic cigarette is an informative color display on which the device parameters are indicated in various colors. For example, the color of the battery indicator will vary depending on the charge.

Joyetech Cuboid 150W TC

This box mod is very stylish, reliable and moderately massive. This device has the ability to reflash software, after installing which you can increase the power to 200 watts. The e-cigarette is designed to work with atomizers and high-power drills, and is adapted to the various modes and thermal control. The model implies shades of the case, so you can choose the optimal color for yourself. The mod is equipped with the function pass-through, which allows you to steam when charging the device.

Wismec Reuleaux RX2 / 3

This is a combined version of the box, which can be used with both two and three removable batteries, without changing the design of the device. This mod is more suitable for experienced vapers, since it has more power and impressive dimensions.

Choose what you like best, and enjoy vaping.