Vape Tricks: Learn To Steam Rings

For decades, people have experimented with different ways of smoking and mastered many tricks in this area. Of course, the most famous and the most widespread trick is smoke rings. This is when a smoker exhales a steam cloud with the use of centripetal force to create a vortex that gives it the shape of a ring. With vaping, this is even easier, because the vapour is not that sharp as cigarette smoke, and the effect is more fun because the vapour is thicker than cigarette smoke.

More Steam

There are tricks that will help to make more smoke in the electronic cigarette, even if it is of medium size. If possible, add more liquid into the atomizer. This will lead to each single puff evaporating more liquid, which means more steam. Also, you can choose certain mixtures that evaporate better and give thicker smoke.

Just Learn

There are many basic techniques that help to make rings beautifully, and make them thick enough. You just need to train to get it. But, for starters, it is worthwhile to understand the “physics” of the process, namely how it works.

  1. The First Method

To do this, we will collect a lot of steam into the lungs and the mouth, and then the lips form the letter “O”. The tip of the tongue is located at the center of our established “O”. To many it may seem funny, until they see how you make the rings. Do a sharp and short exhalation. This can be compared with a slight cough. Feel some tension, and then there will be a sharp stream of vapour. Exhalation should be barely audible. Naturally, it may not work out for the first time. But do not worry, you need to practice a little bit and very soon you will make beautiful rings.

  1. The Second Method

Now let’s try to make rings without the help of the tongue. Again, we collect full lungs of steam, turn our lips into the letter “O”, then pull them forward and strain. Steam needs to be blown out sharply and as frequently as possible. Do not try to make all the rings equally good. Well, if the first and the last rings are not very ideal, nothing  terrible, it is quite normal for this method. With lot of training, and you will be ready to move on to the next level.

  1. The Third Method

This method is called “W technique”. If you learn it, you will get very clear and beautiful smoke rings. Say it the other way round, you will get something like a quick “Au” or rather “Ou.” When you have already learned, start trying. Turn your lips into “O”, keep your lips strained. Now say “W”, but vice versa, simultaneously straining your lips and pushing the air with cheeks. Try changing the O-letter circumference: this will affect the size and sharpness of rings.

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