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Vape Bars and All About Them

This is a place where you can not only buy an electronic cigarette, liquid or accessories, but also test products and enjoy the communication with the people who like vaping like you do. Bars for vapers gather active individuals. Here they get acquainted with the novelties of vaping, with each other, have fun, and relax together.

How and Why Vape Bards have Appeared

The venue officially exhibits and sells electronic cigarettes. The main mission of the spot is to familiarize clients with new trends in devices and liquids on the vaping market, and at the same time provide space for chatting and testing of products.

In the bars for vapers, cosy atmosphere and a lot of steam is a norm. This is the place where the thematic exhibitions, meetings of cloud-readers and coil-builders are the most enjoyable things.

It turns out that such bars become paradise for a new subculture. The popularity of vape bars is growing, and for a good reason.

Talk & Steam

Vape bars resemble a time-café, creative space, co-working or anti-cafe, where the customers gather to relax on a soft sofa, and chat with friends. Often in such places, there are a lot of parties dedicated to the subject of electronic cigarettes, competitions on tricks with steam, workshops on technical aspects of the devices or on mixing the vape liquids.

That’s how the life of vaping community is going inside the vape bar. People are exchanging contacts and starting to be friends. Gradually, adherents of a healthy lifestyle and fans of the venue are growing in numbers, and the popularity of vape bars is growing.

Fans of vaping find other vapers here. Together, they try novelties of liquids and exchange experience in using mods and atomizers. There are usually also items that can be borrowed in the arsenal of a vape bar, which is a good way to arrange a collective test drive.

For Fans Only

It is doubtful that a person who is far from vaping will decide to surround himself with clouds of steam with all sorts of flavors. Even when the exhaust hood works in the hall, the steam still wraps the visitors, and therefore only those who like it remain inside. And this is the occasion for a unique friendly atmosphere.

Bar As Business

From the business point of view, the whole endeavor suggests that:

  • Such a bar is a profitable investment.
  • The niche is not yet occupied much, but already “observed” by users and pioneers.
  • Vape bar sells more and faster than a vape shop.
  • It is easier for community-building outside your venue, and getting income from events or sponsored competitions.

To enjoy electronic cigarettes is easier and more comfortable when there is a certain circle of same minded people, namely i. e. club for interests. Additional bonuses for owners of such establishments: you can register a business in the entertainment sector and additionally sell accompanying products like hot dogs, soft drinks, coffee, etc. For clients, it is just a perfect place for a perfect time.